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There are a lot of companies which provide VIP services. You ask why should you choose us? Unlike other companies we work out exclusive offers for each of our clients. Nowadays, when time has become even more valuable thing than money, we’ll try to save every minute of yours. We do care not just about booking a fright or a restaurant reservation but for bringing you pleasure and enjoyment. We take into account all your preferences, to make you feel happy and to get only positive emotions during your trip. We make all your dreams and ideas come true. By choosing our company, you, first of all, choose an exclusive comfort and quality. Your trust is our pride.
Avram 2016.07.13

We have been looking for a Real Estate property in the region of Lausanne for quite some time. Then we came along to Premium VIP who was recommended by some friends of mine. They found a lot of nice properties exactly what I was looking for within a week. The service was high class and very professional. thank you!

Iman 2016.05.10

I have recently come to Geneva, and was amazed by how Premium Vip did their services. Not only everything was on top (starting from the airport), but also the personnel is very lovely and answered all the questions I had and gave me wonderful information on what I could do during my stay! Thank you!!!

Cathrine 2015.12.15

We travel a lot with my family. Last year we have decided to go to mountains for skiing. We sent a request for a chalet search and only after 24 hours we had a lot to choose from. From this first impression we decided to use more services of Premium VIP, and they had made our vacation unforgettable.

Javier 2015.11.27

Premium VIP ha hecho los vacaciones de mi familia muy devertidos! Mis hijos fueron muy felices!

Susanne 2015.08.05

Nous sommes venues en Suisse pour le week-end avec mon mari, et pendant qu'il était en reunion, j'avais demandé à Premium VIP de m'organiser la voiture avec le chauffeur pour aller faire du shopping. Non seulement ils avaient tout organiser, mais ils m'ont organiser le shopping privée dans les boutiques!!! Très impressionnant!

Victoria 2015.02.12

Me and my children travel a lot, usually taking private jets to fly. For New Year we have decided to go on an island and unfortunatelly we could not find any suitable flight on the dates needed. Premium VIP not only has found the jet, but also organized the whole trip from beginning to the end, so I didnt need to worry at all.

Monica 2015.01.20

Vivimos en Mexico City y desde mucho tiempo quieriamos visitar Suiza. Quando estaba buscando en internet la mejor empresa de lujo que nos ayudaria a organizar todo el viaje, he encontrado Premium VIP. Despues de solo 2 dias, me han contactaron y me enviaron muchas propuestas. En los vacaciones todo fue increible

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